Thursday, December 12, 2013

Many Blessings This Holiday Season!

I promise I have not abandoned Heritage Kitchen! It has been a Roller Coaster year for me. The year literally has gotten away from me! I swear it was January just yesterday and here we are already about to be ringing in 2014.

I am planning on making some changes to my other blog "Momma Talks" due to my personal growth over this year. Also myself and my family will hopefully be making a big move within the beginning of the new year. With this move my mom will be joining our family home. She will be there to help me out with my home and kiddos homeschooling. This means more time for myself so a big yay to that. More time to myself means I will finally have the time to work on my blogs and recipes! I have a dream to put together my very own cookbook of all my favorites. So keep your fingers crossed for me on this!

I also wanted to wish all of you a blessed holiday season. Make sure you make lots of memories with your family!

Till Next Time,


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