Wednesday, November 21, 2012

T-Day is Tomorrow!

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday in my house. For that fact I think any holiday that involves daddy's turkey and pumpkin pie is a favorite holiday around here. I will be sharing my husband's turkey recipe on Friday morning! His recipe for his turkey changes a bit each time he makes one and it always comes out tasting amazing. Since I have been a busy momma around here this week with Thanksgiving being tomorrow I thought I would share a couple of fast two ingredient finger foods. They are perfect to make up real fast and set out for the masses to nibble on here and there.

For both recipes you will need Crescent Rolls. One is a sweet treat that I am sure you all will enjoy. I honestly do not know the name for this one either. You take a semi-sweet chocolate bar and cut a small piece off which you wrap up in the crescent roll. Follow the baking instructions on the package for the crescents. The second recipe is for my families favorite pigs in a blanket. You take Little Smokies and wrap one at a time into a crescent roll. You can add in a little bit of shredded cheese if you like. Any flavor of Little Smokies will work. Bake by the instructions on the crescent roll package. Two very easy and simple delicious treats.

I want to remind everyone that the holidays are about family. It is about spending time together not about what you can get on sale. So remember kind and courteous when you hit the Black Friday sales. With the stress the holidays bring some people forget what it means to stop and enjoy. I have seen this many years and wonder how anyone can enjoy the holiday season. Stop and smile at the ones you love off and on while you are getting ready to entertain or to be entertained. Don't forget to share hugs and say "I love you" to those that matter. Remember the good times and reflect on them. Enjoy some turkey and football. Enjoy the holiday and don't let anything turn a positive day to a negative one.

I also wanted to add in a special message to a friend of mine. Even though she has been a friend over the internet she has been there to listen to me when I needed an ear. She has been there to tell me good idea and give support when I have taken my many trips down the road of being a blogger. Today is her birthday and I just wanted to tell her Happy Birthday. Hope today is a really special day for you!

Be safe and make many traditions this Thanksgiving!

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